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02/09/39 · Waze users around the world can now project the app’s real-time traffic and navigation service onto the touch screen in Ford vehicles via SYNC® AppLink® and control it through voice command. Waze now works in your Ford car, truck or SUV! Learn how to use Waze with your iPhone® & Ford SYNC® 3 AppLink® right on your dashboard-- or use Waze with Android™ using the SYNC® 3 touchscreen. Get tips and answers to all your questions! Learn how to connect the Waze mobile navigation app with your Ford® SYNC® 3 touch screen to help you get everywhere you drive. Get easy to follow, best.

19/07/39 · Re: Ford SYNC 3.0 and Waze Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:27 pm From the reading I've done, we're waiting on Waze to update their iOS app to work with the Sync 3, v.3.0 that was just released. 19/10/39 · As an iPhone user and loyal Waze user, I was stoked to hear that Ford's latest update to its Sync system included support for iPhone and Waze users. I had to see how it all works. Subscribe NOW to. 10/06/39 · Today, Ford announced that it is integrating the Waze traffic and navigation app into its Sync 3 AppLink platform, making the app usable and navigable with touch and voice commands “Talk to. Announced at CES 2018, Ford is giving its customers even more alternatives to the onboard nav system by integrating the Waze traffic and navigation app directly into the automaker's Sync 3.

23/04/39 · Ford announced at CES 2018 that it will soon offer Waze integration on its Sync 3 infotainment system. Instead of having to check your phone to use Waze. Caveat: Waze/Sync integration is currently only available for Apple iPhone users; you need iOS 11.3 or later, as well as the Waze app duh and Sync 3 software version 3.0 or greater. We're told.

23/04/39 · Ford and Waze are teaming up at CES 2018 to announce the popular community-based traffic and navigation app will be available for Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC ® 3; Waze users will soon be able to plug their smartphones into a SYNC 3-enabled Ford vehicle and project the app. 29/12/40 · There is a thread on reddit and also on some Ford forums about this. It appears to be specific to Ford Sync 3. It makes the speedometer and speed alerts in Waze useless in my opinion. Worse, it changes the GPS speed on any app running on the iPhone while connected to CarPlay, not just Waze. Unfortunately that makes it a Ford problem I suspect. The Ford App Catalogue. Here’s where you will find the latest apps, all designed to be used with Ford SYNC with AppLink. So, have a browse then download your favourites from Google Play or the iTunes App. Ford announces that cars with Sync 3 will be able to use the navigation app Waze on the infotainment screen just like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Ford integrates Waze navigation app in Sync 3.

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Catalogo delle app Ford. Waze Inc. Gratuita. Evita soprese grazie a info sul traffico, autovelox e molto altro. Scaricala ora. Sygic Sygic a.s. A pagamento. Potrai connettere Sygic Car Navigation con SYNC 3 e proiettare la navigazione direttamente dal tuo smartphone sullo schermo di infotainment della tua auto. 02/09/39 · — waze @waze May 17, 2018. iOS 11.3 or newer is required for Waze integration with Ford SYNC. Keep in mind that Waze won’t work on SYNC 3 unless you manually switch off CarPlay. In other words, you can have either CarPlay or SYNC 3 apps, but not both at the same time. TWEAK: FarewellGestureWaze disable Waze’s menu-based swipe gesture.

Conoce cómo conectar la aplicación móvil de navegación Waze con tu pantalla táctil Ford® SYNC® 3, para llegar a todos tus destinos. Obtén las mejores indicaciones de ruta fáciles de seguir y actualizaciones del tránsito congestionado en tiempo real. 02/09/39 · At CES in January, Ford discussed a new partnership with crowdsource navigation app Waze that aimed to bring Waze onto the touch screen of SYNC 3 vehicles through Ford. Available apps with Ford AppLink™. Sygic Car Navigation is fully optimized and ready to use with Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment systems. Sygic. Sygic Car Navigation is fully optimized and ready to use with Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment systems. Waze. Waze is the free, real-time, crowdsourced navigation app. powered by the world’s largest. SYNC ® 3 y Waze ®. SYNC ®, el sistema de conectividad más amigable, ahora también puede conectarse con Waze ® permitiendo a los conductores de Autos, SUV y Camiones Ford tener una mejor visualización de la app en la pantalla táctil del vehículo y utilizar los comandos de voz de la aplicación, obteniendo una mejor y más segura experiencia de manejo.

Ford adds Waze navigation to Sync 3 platform. which means iOS users can plug their iPhone into the USB port of a Ford vehicle and have the navigation app appear on the car's screen, along with. Ford SYNC 3 avec AppLink va automatiquement se caler sur cette fréquence. • Si l'occupant du véhicule écoute la radio mais souhaite désormais écouter de la musique contenue sur un appareil USB, les commandes vocales lui permettent de basculer très facilement d'une source audio à une autre. When in use, the app is shown on the Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink screen. Some apps can access vehicle data, such as GPS and odometer, if the user gives them permission to do so. AppLink Catalogue. Ford websites include an app catalogue where users can browse available apps for their SYNC version.

08/01/40 · I looked and my Focus has not automatically updated the Sync 3 system. It seems to think 2.2 is the latest version. The Ford Owners website also seems to think this 2.2 is the latest applicable update to the Sync 3 system. I can't find a download link anywhere for the mature version of Sync 3 3.0 to install on a USB stick. So I have 2 questions: 1. 17/11/38 · Well, Waze is not a Sync 3 app. It is an Android Auto, and updated version of Sync3 happen to support Android Auto. For Sync3, Glympse is good for sharing location when meeting friend or family. I think Accuweather can come into sync3 also. Other than that I think it is mostly music apps. Conecta Waze desde tu Smartphone iOS o Android vía SYNC ® 3 en la pantalla de tu Ford. Ahora, los usuarios de Waze en todo el mundo podrán utilizar las funciones de navegación y tráfico de la app en la pantalla táctil de los vehículos Ford de manera nativa, en tiempo real y con comandos de voz a través del sistema SYNC ® 3 con AppLink ® y Android Auto ®. 24/04/39 · The app will be available via Ford’s AppLink tech, offering up a Waze interface powered by your phone on the in-car central display on vehicles equipped with SYNC 3. The app will support both. Die App wird dann auf dem Ford SYNC 3-Touchscreen angezeigt. Einige Apps können auf Fahrzeugdaten wie GPS und Kilometerzähler zugreifen, wenn Sie dies gestatten. So können Sie Siri Eyes Free verwenden. Dank Siri Eyes Free und Ford SYNC 3 müssen Sie nicht nach Ihrem iPhone greifen, um es zu bedienen.

Welkom bij de Ford App Catalogus for Ford SYNC 3. Hier zie je de laatste apps voor jou ontworpen om te gebruiken. Klik hier en ontdek ze vandaag nog. 29/08/38 · Browse the Ford App Catalog categories to find which of your favorite apps are already AppLink-enabled for use in your Ford vehicle or discover new and exciting apps. No more searching through thousands of titles to find which apps are compatible with Ford SYNC using AppLink. 02/09/39 · Ford is adding Waze to its Sync 3 infotainment system, but the popular app can only be accessed through an iPhone for now. Drivers have to download the Waze app. 29/02/41 · Go the to apps tab on sync 3, click find apps & sync will search for applicable apps that will run on sync 3. Waze should show up next to the Ford Pass app on the screen. Waze has to be running on the phone for it to work on the sync 3 screen. Once it’s running on your phone click the sync 3 waze app on the screen.

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